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Based on our far reaching experience in different industries and our technical knowhow, we offer our customers a comprehensive high quality portfolio for professional inkjet printing of variable and individual data. According to your requirements, we can either plan and realize together the integration of a new printing system into your existing production line or we offer you a complete inkjet solution from A to Z. Our extensive portfolio of various printing technologies and different manufacturers allows you an optimal selection of products for your requirements.

Additional modules for aggregating or expanding your existing production line, such as for example vacuum transport tables / inkjet print bases, separated systems / feeder, camera systems, etc., are as much a part of our product portfolio as a broad range of consumables, inks, labels and accessories. Via Europe’s largest storage for spare parts for Buskro, MCS and Mylan, we provide a quick delivery and reliable service all over Europe. Fast response time, strong customer focus, qualified telephone support, high availability, express-service and high standards in product and service quality give our profile the last touch.

Drucksysteme  & Zubehör  Printing Systems & Accessories

Printing Systems
& Accessories

Solutions for variable data printing,
accessories and spare parts – „Next Day“
& all over Europe
Wartung   & Service Maintanance & Service

& Service

Service all over Europe
and telephone-support free of charge
Verbrauchsmaterial  & Ersatzteile Consumables  & spare parts

& spare parts

Europe’s largest storage for spare parts and consumables for
Buskro / Mylan / MCS


Besides operating in the entire nation of Germany, our expierenced and skilled service staff travels as well to neighboring countries - providing always a just-in-time service at your location. Thanks to our comprehensive storage of spare parts, we are able to provide a solution at the right time and support the stability of our customer's production. As a certified Buskro partner, we guarantee not only a smooth supply in spare parts, but inform as well concerning important changes (for instance software updates, new systems and certified consumables). In our headquarter, which is based in the city of Rheine, we are more than happy to assist your questions and try our best to quickly support with help and competence.

24/7 support* service@profi-jet.de

*E-mails are read as well on the weekends. Therefore, you can count on us calling you back within only a few hours.


By the time we moved through various stages of development and implemented for our clients and customers bit by bit different strategic partnerships. Find out more about what we managed to realize, after reaching our first milestone in 2010:


    The company profi-jet (at that time still under the name profi-ink) was founded in the year 2010. Our focus was the distribution of high quality consumables, special inks and spare parts for inkjet printing systems.

    Right from the beginning we established between us and our suppliers a relationship that was based on a high level of reliability, quick availability and high quality. Already now, our own and steadily growing storage for spare parts, consumables and inks enabled us to support our customers with an extensive availability in delivery.

    Already a few months after the foundation of our business we expanded our portfolio by distributing and providing service for inkjet systems from BUSKRO. Based on this change we converted the profi-ink UG to the profi-jet GmbH. This change in name did furthermore underline a strong future orientation of our organization towards industrial inkjet printing systems.

    Since that point in time, the profi-jet GmbH offers the most comprehensive spare parts storage for Buskro in central Europe. Other distributors appreciate as well our extensive range of parts on stock and like getting back to our profi-jet storage and our possibility to deliver just-in-time.

    In 2013, a growing demand for new technologies and solutions allowed us to found the profi-tec GmbH. This company represents to 100% our daughter and provided from this moment on individual solutions for printing complex customer requirements.

    In 2014, MCS Inc. (USA) made us exclusive partner and enabled us to provide our customers with new solutions and inkjet systems from a leading manufacturer. Since the establishment of this partnership, we offer our customers a wide range in inkjet printing systems, various technologies and ink types. As a main supplier of MCS spare parts for Europe, we at profi-tec do furthermore guarantee a just-in-time delivery.

    In the middle of 2015, the Mylan Group joined our portfolio as a strong provider of inkjet printing systems. Their product range complements the overall selection of products at profi-jet and profi-tec. At the same time, profi-tec represents for Mylan the general distributor and importer in central Europe. This implies that we are as well responsible for supporting other Mylan distributors.

    Our past development enables us to provide manufacturer independent and optimized solutions for almost any of our customers’ requirements. For the future in Europe, we aim to combine our abilities to make the right printing solutions more accessible to companies from various industries.

    Besides a large selection of possible inkjet printing systems, we additionally offer a diverse range of modular add-ons and peripherals. This category includes modular systems (Feeder/Inserter), Alignment strecker, vacuum transport tables / vacuum bases, camera systems, storage systems up to complete mailing lines or individual solutions and integrations. The foundation of this area is as well build on high quality and a fair relation between price and performance.

    Our local showroom enables our customers to experience and test several systems live. Additionally, our equipment at this location allows the conduction of product trainings.

    Based on our detailed portfolio and the carefully elected cooperations, our customers can set up individually customized printing solutions. We accompany your journey from an offline solution to a complex inkjet integration. No matter which provider for inkjet solutions you are looking for, we will be there for you.


We understood, that our customers operate in an environment of high pressure on deadlines, diverse printing requirements, strong competition and increased quality standards. This implies, that many need to work fast, flexible and efficient. In order to accompany our customers on their complex journey, we decided in 2013 to provide a large variety of inkjet solutions and new technologies. Including the integration of new system manufacturers into our portfolio.

Our carefully chosen premium partnerships offer new possibilities to more than only this industry. Up to this day, they convince by providing high performance and easy to handle inkjet printing systems. No matter in which stage we are, we always focus on a joint improvement, a quick and uncomplicated implementation of special customer requirements, a high security standard in production and an excellent relation of price and performance. In order to achieve these aims, we took the decision to found the profi-tec GmbH by the beginning of 2014.

At about the same time, we expanded our cooperation with our main supplier for vacuum transport systems / printing tables, separated systems and customized solutions (Popp-Maschinenbau) as well as with a provider of camera systems. Allowing us to react just-in-time to specific customer requirements.

  • MCS
  • Mylan
  • Buskro
  • Popp
  • Streamfeeder
  • Ryan
  • Sure-Feed


    In order to competently support our customers for the entire process and in three main areas, we work together with carefully chosen and reliable partners.

    • 01  Inkjet-Druck
    • 02  Transport
    • 03  Kontrolle

    • To our print partners we count the well-known manufacturers Buskro and MCS. Both companies are known wordlwide for their innovative inkjet printing systems and various print head technologies. The experience they collected in more than 25 years placed them as an internationally leading manufacturer for inkjet printing systems (DOD) fort he print of variable data in the papierweiterverarbeitenden industry. MCS has for instance their own and internationally known ink production with their own sales department.

      Our third and newest inkjet base is represented bythe company Mylan. Furthermore, profi-tec operates as a general importer, main contact and main supplier for current and future authorized Mylan dealers in central Europe.

      Approximately 40 Mylan engineers work together with us on the planning and development of a new printing system and on the quick realization of individual customer requirements.This eneable us to take a direct influence on the development of soft- and hardware.Mylan itself has one of the (included an evaluation according to western standards) most modern production sites of Vietnam and on oft he biggest R&E departments in the manufacturing of inkjet printing systems.

      For a quick support, printing systems from MCS and Mylan allow an easy use of TeamViewer sessions, allowing our customers to benefit besides from the excellent telephone support from additionally security and a quick response time.

    • Since the foundation of profi-jet, we work closely together with the renommated German Maschinenbau company POPP Maschinenbau GmbH regarding “transportation“. This company made it to successfully establish in the area of handling paper and special solutions. Besides the implementation of their ausgereiften serial products, this partners enables us to successfully realize projects for specific customer requirements.

    • For the optical check, read and measurement for controlling the print we have as well a langjährigen partner. Especially for the area of optical check/read and the post control we consider security, flexibility, engagement and the potential to adjust to be the key elements. This partner supports us for instance with a special, intuitive and very customer oriented software. Even employees with less IT knowhow can setup and operate this software. Similiar to the inkjet printing systems, we offer a TeamViewer session for additional online support – providing further security and comfort.

    ”Coming together is the beginning. Staying together is progress.
    Working together is success.“

     - Henry Ford

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    For our customers we work with thought through and complete printing systems as well as customized
    solutions to an excellent ratio in price and performance.

    Kundenorientierung Customer-centric


    We aim to realize your requirements
    just-in-time, precise and to
    your absolute satisfaction.

    Hohe Qualität High Quality


    Our high requirements in quality
    are part of our standards.

    Schnelle Lieferung  Just-In-Time Delivery

    Just-In-Time Delivery

    We arrange a quick supply via Europe‘s
    largest spare parts storage.

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